Sumayyah – The story of never ending courage

Around 1400 years ago, there lived a woman named Sumayyah bint Khabat RadhiyAllahu Anha (May Allah be pleased with her), a woman of great magnificence, the woman who was one among the first seven people who accepted the word of Allah Subhana wa Ta’ala (Glory be to Him the Most High), the first woman to give her life in the way of Allah Subhana wa Ta’ala and the woman whose family was promised of Jannah for eternity.

The story of Sumayyah RadhiyAllahu Anha begins with her to be husband coming all the way from Yemen to Mecca for getting an insight into the various activities and cultures of this appealing and soulful city.

Yasir Ibn Amir was one of the three young brothers who had set out from Yemen to Mecca. Two of his brothers returned to Yemen after staying in Mecca for a few days. Yasir didn’t leave the city as he had grown an emotional attachment and liking for this beautiful place and decided not to leave this city anytime ever. As was the custom of that time, he got the sponsorship and support of Abu Huthaifah bin Abdullah Makhzoomi, and became his companion and partner. In no time, Yasir and Abu Huthaifah became very good friends and learnt to appreciate each other.

Sumayyah RadhiyAllahu Anha was a slave in the house of Abu Huthaifa. This Ethiopian young girl was extremely sober and level-headed. In a matter of sometime, Yasir married Sumayyah RadhiyAllahu Anha. She bore three sons; Ammar, Abdullah and Haarith. Abu Huthaifa freed the family and continued to support them with financial assistance. He often visited them and maintained good ties with the family.

But soon her story started to take a different course. A rapid set of events occurred and the sounds of laughter soon turned into cries of dismay.

Haarith was murdered before the advent of Islam. It was extremely heart aching for the family of Yasir to bear this inexorable pain.

Subsequent to this, Prophet Muhammed SallAllahuAlaihi Wa Sallam (May the peace and Blessings of Allah be upon him), the Final messenger of Islam, was blessed with the Word of Allah Subhanahu wa Ta’ala, the convincing and breathtaking verses of the Noble Quran were revealed and the mission of proclaiming the Oneness of Allah in worship had begun.

Islam, which taught that a white is not superior to a black, an Arab is not superior to a non-Arab, the rich is not superior to the poor, a man is not superior to a woman and that everyone is a servant of Allah Subhana Wa Ta’ala and will face Him all alone on the Day of Judgement made a lot of people revel in the beauty of Islam.

Sumayyah RadhiyAllahu Anha was one amongst the first seven people who embraced Islam and swore that ‘There is none worthy of worship other than Allah Subhanahu wa Ta’ala and Muhammed SallAllahuAlaihi Wa Sallam is His Final Messenger’.

The first seven people who accepted Islam were:

  1. Abu Bakr Siddique (RadhiyAllahu Anhu)
  2. Ali bin Abi Talib (RadhiyAllahu Anhu)
  3. Khadijah (RadhiyAllahu Anha)
  4. Zaid bin Harithah (RadhiyAllahu Anhu)
  5. Sumayyah bint Khabat (RadhiyAllahu Anha)
  6. ‘Ammar bin Yasir (RadhiyAllahu Anhu) (Son of Sumayyah RadhiyAllahu Anha)
  7. Bilal bin Abi Rabah (RadhiyAllahu Anhu)

After the death of Haarith, awful tragedies began to dawn upon the family.

The Quraysh of Mecca were bent upon tyrannizing the believers and were forcefully asking them to leave Islam. Yet the undreamt beauty of Islam was refused to be forsaken by the unwavering faith of the believers.

The Quraysh feared harming the Prophet Muhammed SallAllahuAlaihi Wa Sallam because of the power and position of his uncle Abu Talib and also the position of Abu Bakr Siddique RadhiyAllahu Anhu. But the common residents of Mecca were victims to the inhuman maltreatment.

Sumayyah RadhiyAllahu Anha and her family were often dragged into the middle of the market and were tortured in the scorching and scathing heat of the sun. They were subjected to scornful remarks in front of everyone. There was no possible help that could ease their suffering against the cruelty of the Quraysh. On one occasion as the Prophet Muhammed SallAllahuAlaihi Wa Sallam was passing by the marketplace he saw the members of the family being put through the worst form of torture possible. But he was so helpless, that there was no way he could rescue them. He could only console and comfort them by his words. He said,

“Be patient O’ family of Yasir! For your final destination is Paradise.”

Once ‘Ammar managed to escape and reach the Prophet Muhammed SallAllahuAlaihi Wa Sallam and asked him when the persecution of the innocent Muslims would end, and when they would be able to breathe peacefully. He said that things were going way beyond all limits. The Prophet Muhammed SallAllahu Alaihi Wa Sallam then comforted him with a prayer to Allah Subhanahu wa Ta’ala asking to protect and save the family of Yasir from the fire of Hell (i.e. grant them Jannah).

As Allah Subhanahu Wa Ta’ala mentions in the Noble Quran:

“Peace be upon you for what you patiently endured. And excellent is the final home (Paradise).”

[Quran 13:24]

Abu Jahl, the Meccan tribal chief, was one of the active protagonists involved in the persecution of Muslims. Abu Jahl relentlessly tortured Sumayyah RadhiyAllahu Anha and had left no means to make her abandon Islam, she continually refused and suffered all the pain. She remained steadfast and determined in what she had believed. He bet her, slashed her, threatened her by all possible means but she was unassailable. His fragile ego was getting hurt to the fact that she was able to resist, no matter what. His anger was burning into flames and in a fit of rage, he thrust a spear into her body. She breathed her last on this occasion in the year 615 C.E. seven years before the Hijrah (migration of Prophet Muhammed SallAllahu Alaihi Wa Sallam from Mecca to Medina) and essentially turned to be the very first female martyr in Islam.

Her husband Yasir was continually subjected to torture by the Quraysh and on one fine day, he also died. Ammar Ibn Yasir RadhiyAllahu Anhu was left behind and he got immense amount of love and support from Rasoolullah SallAllahu Alaihi Wa Sallam. The Prophet SallahuAlayhi wa Sallam was so closely attached to the Ammar RadhiAllahu Anhu that he used to address him lovingly as Ibn Sumayyah.

The Prophet Muhammed SallAllahu Alaihi Wa Sallam often addressed the family of Sumayyah RadiyAllahu Anha with a lot of praise and affection. He loved them thoroughly. Abdullah Bin Masood (May Allah have Mercy upon him) says that Prophet Muhammed SallAllahu Alaihi Wa Sallam once said that whenever dissensions and disputes appeared among the people, Sumayyah RadhiyAllahu Anha always stood by what is right and just.

The remarkable life of Sumayyah RadhiyAllahu Anha is an indispensable lesson for all of us, she is someone to be taken inspiration from.

A staunch defender of Islam, a righteous soul and above all the never ending courage; Sumayyah RadhiyAllahu Anha had it all.  So if you were named Sumayyah, know that you have something great to muse upon.

The Ummah today is being tortured in the various regions of this world. People in Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan, Palestine, Iran, Libya and so many more who are facing challenges every minute of their lives. They do not have anything to eat or drink, they do not a have proper place to sleep, there is no peace for them. But for us, we have no fear of an air strike hitting our homes, we have proper food and drink, we have proper places to sleep, Alhumdulillahi Rabbil Aalameen (All praise be to Allah, Lord of everything that exists), and we are at peace. All we are asked to do is worship Allah Subhanahu wa Ta’la alone and remember Him, abstain from what is evil and fill our balance with lots of hasanah (good deeds). Is that too much to ask for? No matter what difficulty we face today, can it compare to even a minute amount of what the Prophet Muhammed SallAllahu Alaihi wa Sallam and the Sahabas faced? Everyone is tested with trials, and sometimes we come across people in our lives who give us a tough time but we should learn to understand that this is a part of the test and the moment we react in a negative manner, we begin to fail.

It’s time we start to change for the better and come close to the religion of Islam. And if difficulties come our way when we start to obey and worship Allah, just like difficulties came for Sumayyah (RadhiAllahu Anha), we have to stand up against them with bravery and valor, with a never ending courage, just like Sumayyah RadhiAllahu Anha did. She did not give up until her last breath and left behind a legacy for the Muslims to follow, especially the women.

Allah Subhana wa Ta’ala says in the Noble Quran:

“Indeed, the Muslim men and Muslim women, the believing men and believing women, the obedient men and obedient women, the truthful men and truthful women, the patient men and patient women, the humble men and humble women, the charitable men and charitable women, the fasting men and fasting women, the men who guard their private parts and the women who do so, and the men who remember Allah often and the women who do so – for them Allah has prepared forgiveness and a great reward.”

[Quran 33:35]

Compiled and written by Sidra Ali





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The Final Departure

When their comes to us the inevitable call
The time for separation of body and soul

The moment which leaves everybody in mayhem
When the minds stop functioning at such an occasion

When the cries of the people around gather
With some of them trying to curb the matter

It’s the time for our final departure
Towards our Lord, the ultimate Master

Our children, our friends and our relatives
Our money, our houses and all our belongings

Nothing can be taken along with us there
Even though we managed them with utmost care

The only thing we carry are the deeds we acquire
Without doing them for the masses to admire.

We see people departing on this journey with our eyes
But why does this not effect our lives?

Why do we force ourselves to forget this bitter reality?
That today it was someone else, tomorrow it is us in actuality

The devil has surely succeeded in deluding us in his plot
Only few people take heed from such reminders*, Allah’s aid is sought

Remember, the time for our final departure is not distant
When our relatives will inform each other about it all hesitant

It’s high time that we change our lives and start the preparation
Before we fail in it and are left with self accusation.

– Written by Safi Ahmed


The situation in the poem above has been described by Allah Subhanahu wa Ta’ala (Glory be to Him the Most High) in the Quran as:

Nay, when (the soul) reaches to the collar bone (i.e. up to the throat in its exit),
And it will be said: “Who can cure him and save him from death?”
And he (the dying person) will conclude that it was (the time) of departing (death);
And leg will be joined with another leg (shrouded)
The drive will be, on that Day, to your Lord (Allah)!
[Surat Al Qiyamah; Ayahs 26-30]

*Indeed, the Hour is coming – no doubt about it – but most of the people do not believe.
[Surat Ghafir; Ayah 59]

The Final Departure

Why Can’t We?

In the Eid of the year 2012, I came across a little event that shook me to the extent that it will always remain as one of those clear memories we have of certain things.

I was late for Maghrib prayer and was scurrying along the way to the mosque in hope of not losing the congregational prayer. As I approached the masjid, I realized that the last rak’ah had already started.

Just when I was about to climb the steps to the entrance into the masjid, I heard a voice calling from behind me. “Bhaiya, zara madad kariye (Brother, please help me)”, the voice said politely. I was in no state to attend to the voices needs as I was already making haste to catch the ongoing prayer, but I just gave a glance over my shoulder to notice a man sitting under the shadows of a tree that made it difficult for me to see him. My first assumption (in the fraction of a second of time that I had looked at him for) was that he was a beggar so desperately in need of money that he couldn’t wait for the prayer to end.
I quickly made my way up the steps but he called again with an even greater politeness than before, “Bhaiya zara madad kardijiye (Brother, please help me)”.

Now helping someone in need is considered to be a great deal in Islam, or in any other humanitarian aspect for that matter, but here I was trying to catch a more important deal which was prayer. Even so, something at the back of my mind was telling me to turn around and attend to this man. I turned around to further notice that he was sitting on a tri bike, the kind of bikes mostly handicapped people ride. Could it be?, I asked myself. I gazed a little higher up and sure enough this man who was in a neatly dressed attire of an attractive kurta, a sparkling white cap and a well groomed beard, was deprived of everything beneath his knees.

My heart quickly skipped a beat at this point as I quickly understood what the man’s needs were. He wanted some help to get into the masjid.

I ran down the steps like a madman and, together with the help of another passerby, held this man from under one of his arms and climbed the steps. He told us to leave him outside the entrance to the masjid as he would be able to make the rest of the 4 – 5 meters left to the congregation alone and didn’t want us to lose our prayers because of him.

Alhumdulilah, we were able to join the congregational prayer before it ended.

But as I prayed, I couldn’t help holding back the tears that kept flowing from my eyes. I couldn’t stop thinking about how this man managed to face his life, how he was able to make it to the rest of the daily prayers everyday in cases where there was no one around to help, and yet this man managed to look so well dressed and happy.

After prayer, I along with a couple of other people wished him Eid and helped him back onto his bike. Along with unnecessary words of appraisal and much needed dua, he bid me farewell with a smiling face.

I walked back home knowing that it was Allah Azzawajal (All Mighty and Owner of Greatness and Reverence) alone who had made me available for that man. I looked down at my two beautiful feet that helped me walk briskly, effortlessly and without worry unlike that man. I wondered that this man was only one amongst the many people out there who are handicapped in some way or the other. Some whose dreams have shattered because of their lives taking a completely different shape and structure, simply because of the deprivation of legs, hands, eyes, voice etc. Basically, deprivation from the things we take for granted.

The lessons I took from this event were that we need to be a lot more thankful towards Allah Subhaana wa Taa’la (Glory be to Him the Most High) for even the things that may seem simple to some of us, but are a luxury for some others.

I thank Allah Azzawajal for the fine legs he has granted me, amongst many other favours, that allow me to walk to the mosque everyday freely and without the slightest of worry.

I pray for the Muslim brothers who have the luxury of fine legs too, but are ignorant towards using them for good and praying in the masjid everyday earning countless rewards that Allah wants them to have.

Because if that man was diligent enough to make it all the way into the mosque despite of having less than what we do, why can’t we?

Written by Jibran Asif Shareef

Why Can't We_

Is this ego? If not, then what?

It is so strange that when people are advised
They react with the audacity by which I get surprised

Never do they realize the gravity of situation
And reflect less upon the content of admonition

Is this ego? If not, then what?
Remember that this may take you to a place which is hot

This very thing existed in that disgraced creature
Who was banished from the heavens because of his nature

Did you ever ponder on that story?
If that was the case then you would worry

Of imitating our enemy, the outcast, the cursed
I long for that but ironically he is nursed

By whole of humanity which has been enslaved
To the enemy of God, in lieu of the most Great

Wake up guys! Wake up and prioritize
Your affairs with your Lord before you demise

It is known that nobody is perfect but one must always strive
Otherwise you will surely have to pay a hefty price

Kindly reflect upon the message I’m trying to feature
Rather than liking, commenting or reading it for leisure

Repent to your Lord and act upon His instructions
Instead of merely following your own conjectures

Don’t you want success to touch your feet?
Then for that you need to get up from that deep sleep.

– Written by Safi Ahmed

Is it ego_ If not, then what_

The 310

There once stood an army of 310 men in the middle of a desert, barely equipped with artillery. With such limited supplies and only 2 horses and 70 camels that could only carry men alternatively, even a fool would have said that victory for them against the enemy was a far-fetched idea.

Fierce and thirsty for punishing the muslims for destroying the age old tradition of idol worship of their forefathers, a troop of a 1000 men galloped forward towards Madinah. 600 of them were plated with armor and a 100 of them had horses. They marched forward tirelessy with a smirk on their faces, eager to cause havoc and bloodshed in Madinah where the believers now resided, knowing that victory for them was certain.

The only thing that stood between them and the women and children in Madinah were the 310.

And at the head of these men stood the commander, our Prophet Muhammed Sallalahu Alayhi Wa Salam (May the Peace and Blessings of Allah be upon him).

Knowing that he was responsible for every man that stood there, every father of a child, every son of a father, every man who had nothing in Madinah to sustain his family except himself, the Prophet was anxious to know whether the men were ready to fight. The Prophet knew how precious these lives were, for these men were the only light that could have kept the message of Islam ablaze and alive at that time, their death would leave no true and strong believer behind who would worship Allah. They had the option to discard the fight.

Eager to know what was in their mind, the Prophet, the wisest and the most noble of men whom Allah Azza wa Jal (All-Mighty and Majestic) had chosen to lead mankind to righteousness, who only had to say a word and the men would have rushed forward to fight, such a man instead exclaimed:

“Advise me my men!”

A warrior from amongst them stood up and uttered words that shall never be forgotten, words that should remain etched in our hearts forever.

He said:

“O Prophet of Allah! We believe in you and we bear witness to what you have vouchsafed to us and we declare in unequivocal terms that what you have brought is the Truth. We give you our firm pledge of obedience and sacrifice. We will obey you most willingly in whatever you command us, and by Allah, Who has sent you with the Truth, if you were to ask us to plunge into the sea, we will do that most readily and not a man of us will stay behind. We do not grudge the idea of encounter with the enemy. We are experienced in war and we are trustworthy in combat. We hope that Allah will show you through our hands those deeds of valour which will please your eyes. Kindly lead us to the battlefield in the Name of Allah.”

The name of that man was Sa’ad bin Mu’adh RadhiaAllahuAnhu (May Allah be pleased with him).

Such were the 310. They were the real heroes. And Allah made them victorious.


The time we live in today is no different than the one that has gone by. If not in the middle of battle against an army thrice the size of our side, we face our own problems in the different walks of life that produce difficulties we think render all odds of winning against us.

The Salaf us Saaleh (righteous predecessors) showed in their courage that the rules of this world do not apply to the one Who made them. That it is not the level of difficulty of the circumstance we live in that decides the end result, but rather it is Only Allah Who makes all the Decisions because He alone is in total Control and their is nothing beyond His Power.
Nothing is impossible for Allah Subhanu wa Ta’la (Glory be to Him the Most High).

They did not succumb to rationale. Rather their submission, absolute commitment and faith was in the unquestionable obedience to the commands of Allah and His Messenger, and that for them submerged logic itself.

We need to remember that when we are on the side Allah Subhanu wa Ta’la and His Messenger Sallahu Alayhi wa Sallam and in their obedience, then no matter how gigantic in size and numerous in number the problems we face may be and how small we may feel in front of them, those numbers will remain just numbers.

May Allah Subhanu wa Ta’la have Mercy upon the souls of the 310 and enable us to become like them.

Written by Jibran Asif Shareef

The 310


This article was made using a renowned biography of the life of Prophet Muhammad Sallalahu Alayhi wa Sallam called:

The Sealed Nectar – by Saif-ur-Rahman Al Mubarakpuri

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