Is this ego? If not, then what?

It is so strange that when people are advised
They react with the audacity by which I get surprised

Never do they realize the gravity of situation
And reflect less upon the content of admonition

Is this ego? If not, then what?
Remember that this may take you to a place which is hot

This very thing existed in that disgraced creature
Who was banished from the heavens because of his nature

Did you ever ponder on that story?
If that was the case then you would worry

Of imitating our enemy, the outcast, the cursed
I long for that but ironically he is nursed

By whole of humanity which has been enslaved
To the enemy of God, in lieu of the most Great

Wake up guys! Wake up and prioritize
Your affairs with your Lord before you demise

It is known that nobody is perfect but one must always strive
Otherwise you will surely have to pay a hefty price

Kindly reflect upon the message I’m trying to feature
Rather than liking, commenting or reading it for leisure

Repent to your Lord and act upon His instructions
Instead of merely following your own conjectures

Don’t you want success to touch your feet?
Then for that you need to get up from that deep sleep.

– Written by Safi Ahmed

Is it ego_ If not, then what_

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