Some of us are on the quest for a happy, prosperous and peaceful life, while others are scurrying along a journey for attaining luxury of all kind, be it materialistic in nature or otherwise, you name it. And yet others are engrossed in rigorous competition for they want more than just luxury and money, they desire a life of recognition, power, honour, prestige and a name with a legacy that is remembered and acknowledged long after they die.

But in the midst of all the things that we want here we tend to forget the inevitable that lies in wait right up ahead of us, the life to come after death, the hereafter.

The hereafter is not something that many of us look forward to, simply because we haven’t prepared anything for it. Everything that we have ever prepared for has predominantly got to do with here, this finite world. We have clogged our minds with a way of thinking that prevents us from looking beyond our ambitions and goals to a much larger goal, a goal that is infinitely better then any worldly success that we could ever imagine of attaining, a goal that lies in the hereafter.

We tend to segregate this life and the life to come to such an extent that we fail to reflect on the connectivity that they have with each other. We think that in trying to aim for achieving greatness in any one of them will consequence in us having to make drastic compromises in the other.

Why not achieve both?

The Noble Quran which is the Word of Allah Himself and the Prophetic Sunnah teach us how to attain success both here and in the hereafter in the most profound, concise and complete manner.

We can achieve all that we mentioned earlier – prosperity, luxury and prestige in this world in keeping well within the boundaries of the Final Revelation and subsequently achieve much more in the life to come.

By understanding the interconnectivity between the two, we can accomplish and succeed in our life in such a way that everything we do, everything we say and work for within and across our families, our professions, businesses and relationships will correspondingly bring benefit and illuminate our life in the hereafter as well, a fabulous life that we will abide in forever.

So let us wake up and ignite within ourselves a desire to gain in the ultimate sense.

Let us give rise to talent, flair, fortitude and aptitude in instigating leadership that leads by example, in charging ahead to become forerunners in accomplishing all our dreams.

Let us become the most successful anyone has ever dared to become in all the kinds of goals we have set for ourselves, and use that success in gaining the ultimate success in the life after death.

Let us work to leave behind a legacy that is remembered and kept alive long after we are buried under the Earth.

Because if we want to become winners here and in the hereafter, we will have to learn how to live here for the hereafter.

Our Mission:

  1. We will learn how to succeed here in this finite world along guidelines grounded in the Quran and Sunnah.
  2. We will use this success in gaining the ultimate success in the hereafter.
  3. In doing so, we will ensure that we learn to leave a legacy here for the hereafter.

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