The English translation of the Noble Quran

When you start reading the Quran and listening to it with meaning, you immerse yourself in a whole new place and you start looking at the world and everything in it differently and intelligently, opening doors of knowledge you never even knew existed.
But above all, you gain a closeness to Allah Subhanahu wa Ta’la (Glory be to Him the Most High) like never before.

And so in order to help you do just that, here is the link to the PDF version of Dr. Muhsin Khan’s and Taqi Uddin Al Hilali’s English translation of the Quran:

Quran ( English translation by Dr. Mohsin Khan and Taqi Uddin Al Hilali )

6 reasons why you might want to read from this book and it’s PDF version rather than another English translation or a random android app are as follows:

  1. This PDF is the exact replica of the actual hard cover book that is available in the market and is so popular that it is the standard one used in the two Holy Mosques in Makkah and Madinah, in Saudi Arabia and around the globe because of which it has been translated into multiple languages.
  2. It has been reported to be the most popular and now the most widely disseminated Qur’an in most Islamic bookstores.
  3. It comes with a seal of approval from both the University of Medina and the Saudi Dar al-Ifta.
  4. And because it is the exact replica of the actual book, the beauty of the PDF is that it comes with a lot of footnotes in the form of explanations of a particular arabic word or hadith of the Prophet Sallalahu Alayhi wa sallam in relation to the Ayah you are reading and also incidents at the time the Ayah was being revealed.
    All this will help you understand the Noble Quran better and gain a lot of knowledge insha’Allah.
  5. The English translation itself is so brilliant that you will get a thorough understanding of the most prominent Arabic words used in the Noble Quran like ‘Muttaqoon’ or ‘Ayat’ or ‘Aaalameen’.
  6. The ease with which you can read the Arabic as well it’s English translation in landscape mode on your mobile to seamlessly go from one Ayah to the next is simply overwhelming.

Some advice:

  1. Use a PDF reader that helps you to bookmark the page you’re on. We suggest Adobe Acrobat.
  2. Save the PDF on your computers desktop or your mobiles home screen for ease of access.
  3. Understanding, pondering over and implementing 5 Ayahs a day is better than regurgitating 10 pages a week without understanding anything.
  4. If there’s any particular Ayah that takes your breath away, and this will happen more than once insha’Allah, you could probably take a screen shot and save it to memorize, or even share it so that others may benefit.

If you still prefer reading from a mobile application, you can download Dr. Muhsin Khan’s and Taqi Uddin Al Hilali’s English translation of the Quran with the following mobile apps:

For Android users:

“Quran for Android”


“Quran – Naskh (Indopak Quran)”

(The only difference between the two applications above is the style of writing of the Arabic text. Choose the one that suits you.)

For iOS users:

“Quran Majeed Free Edition”

For Windows Phone users:

“Al Quran”

But we still recommend that you choose to download the PDF file of the English translation of the Noble Quran instead of these applications because of the six reasons we mentioned above.

Start reading from today itself from the very first Surah. You will love it.
Happy reading!

The English translation of the Noble Quran

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